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S1 - E3: Badger

So, I’m a little witchy. As in, I’m about crystals and tarot, energies from the elements. I know next to nothing in this realm, but it’s fun to play and learn.

I have a couple of oracle decks from a woman that I admire more than she probably knows - @jessicaswift. I met Jess at the first studio I trained out of in Portland (KFit), and she and that tribe of women had an immense influence on my life. Side-note - I think the KFit story is a worthwhile one and I’ll be sure to share it here someday =)

As I was beginning this entry, I pulled up Jess’ Instagram and I came across a song that she wrote, performed and posted. And tears welled up in my eyes. I haven’t talked to Jess in years (and Jess if you read this I hope you get a laugh because this is part of the beauty of the human heart), and yet I was SO moved by the courage she demonstrated in showing her heart. I believe vulnerability is what makes us feel connected and whole. Vulnerability is courageous, and bravery is being scared and moving forward anyway. Jess is one of the bravest people I know, you should definitely check out her art and her ‘why’ -

Anyway, I pulled from one of those oracle decks this morning. Pulling cards gives me perspective. It’s not about answering a specific question. For me, it’s about being open, receiving, a reminder to listen to something wiser than myself, while also really tuning into my gut. Today I pulled badger. Badger is about personal healing and self betterment. Badger is connected to the roots, sees beneath the surface. Badger digs deep and fast and can help you find solitary focus and connection to the stories that fuel you.

Just feels fitting for today - as I’ve launched a business and continue to niche it into the specific service areas I hope offer the most help. As I write my stories and put them forward, branding myself and the work I want to do in this world.

Starting a business has been terrifying. I know that I’m doing exactly what I need to be doing, but I often feel my artist pulling against my businesswoman. And then shit really hits the fan when my athlete starts pulling against the other two. This has been especially true as I’ve pondered blogging (which I’ve done on and off for years). I’ve questioned what this platform should be. Is it informational, presenting an expertise? Is it marketing? That would be the savvy move, right?

But I don’t think that’s what this platform is supposed to be. No, this, this I’m realizing, is about connection. And if you feel connected to these thoughts, questions and conversations, then please share them. Let’s keep sharing our stories and using each other to connect, learn, and discover. Here’s to keeping faith in yourself, staying connected, and remembering that stories glue us together. And yours is important.

Love y’all and thankful to those who have been brave enough to share and whose stories I’ve had the opportunity to learn from.


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