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I believe in connection.

I grew up playing competitive sports (primarily softball through my college years) and I often think about the ways that's shaped my identity. I always identified strongly as an athlete, and when my Division I career was over, I became really lost. I had spent the last 12+ years of my life as a ball player. As a performer of physical feats. And then I was told I needed to re-invent myself to be relevant in the world, and I was given very little direction as to how to do so.


I never completely let go of my athlete identity, but I did develop an eating disorder as I tried to figure out who I was going to be next and how I was going to 'stay worthy' in a world that felt so based on performance. I stopped connecting and sharing and showing up, because it was impossible to show up and to stay small.

Enter an incredible group of women in the fitness industry, and later CrossFit. Those two communities  saved me (along with a lot of work for myself outside of the fitness realm). Through them I learned the power embedded in connection, and I learned to reclaim my identity as an athlete in a very different way. I learned that just because my performance no longer gave me any sort of status and was no longer judged by anyone but myself, didn't mean that it wasn't important. Feeling strong was more empowering that feeling small ever was, and that allowed me to finally appreciate my body for what it could do, instead of judge it for how it looked.


I never would have discovered that empowerment on my own - nearly every meaningful experience in my life has involved a strong connection with another human, be it mentor or friend. And nearly every period of struggle in my life has a strong correlation to self-isolation, fear of failure, and an unwillingness to try something new.


I'm here to hold space for you - to be a place to connect through empowering movement and conversation. I'm here to help you try something different, and allow you to discover all the incredible things your body can do for you.

I can’t wait to hear your story.

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