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Hi. I'm Katie.

Most people call me Katie King. I'm glad you're here.


Often, our time together will consist of physical exercise aimed at moving you toward your goals.But our work goes way beyond the hour we spend together.

When we work together you'll gain insight into your behaviors and beliefs.Then you'll build skills to promote the ones that serve your health, and let go of the ones that don't.

We'll approach your athletic journey
(yes, you are an athlete even if your sport is chasing kids around the house) with principals grounded in Health at Every Size® and while learning and celebrating what your body can do for you.

The actions are physical
But the work is mental. The work is your internal dialogue
I’m continuously amazed at the magic I witness when people commit to the work. When they learn to dig in mentally to a training session.
I see them learn to face adversity - to stand up to it.
I see them start to embrace challenges, and learn that failure isn’t an outcome. Rather, it's a necessary part of the process and a catalyst for growth. 
I see them start to see themselves differently. 
They claim empowerment. They claim their identity as an athlete, and eventually they claim themselves.
"I am a person who... "
And when people learn that the determining factor in claiming their entire identity is their internal dialogue, I see them start to do things way beyond lift heavier, run faster, and jump higher.
I see them pursue their dream jobs. 
I see them bust out of molds society has built for them.
I see them fight for their relationships and communities, or have the courage to leave them if they’re no longer a healthy space. 
I see them have the courage to relocate their lives and travel in ways they once thought they’d never be able to. 
I see them purse healthier sexual relationships with themselves and others. 
I see them advocate for themselves. 
I see them start to trust their gut in their most pivotal life decisions. 
They become the champions of their own lives.
They adopt the belief that they hold the control.
They now understand there is nothing they can’t do if they dedicate themselves. 

Like I said - I'm glad you're here, and I know you've got this.


I’ve been with Katie for two years now and she’s absolutely amazing. She’s supportive and very interactive with helping you with your goals.

- Simon


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2092 NE Aloclek Dr Ste 519, Hillsboro, OR 97124

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